Universal time relay with 8 time functions in a flexible universal voltage variant (12-230V UC)


The following time functions can be implemented with the UZR 4 multifunction relay:

switch-on delay
switch-off delay
fleeting contact ON switch
fleeting contact OFF switch
pulse delay
pulse shaper
pulse generator
clock signal generator

Time can be exactly, continuously adjusted from 0.1s to 100h. The UZR 4 has a wide supply voltage range from 12 to 230 V UC and a potential-free relay output (changeover contact) making it universally applicable.

Home automation, industrial control, solar systems, automotive technology, etc.

Technical data

Type: UZR 4 (12-230V UC)
Item no.: UZR40U
EAN: 4046929801102
Specifications: 12-230V UC, 1 CO potential-free 16A
Adjustable range: 0.1s-100h
Dimensions: 18 x 55 mm

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