Time-delay relay with adjustable switch-on delay (flush-mounting)


The time-delay relay NR U3 is an electronic time-delay switch with a potential free relay output for delayed on/off switching of secondary loads. If required, the relay can be used as a pure on-delay with no off-delay. With these selectable modes and the wide range of selectable operating times, the NR U3 is extremely versatile in practical applications.


Also available as DIN rail mount device NR 3.



Automatic ventilation of windowless rooms, delayed on/off switching of a wide variety of loads, hotel room card contact etc.

Technical data

Type: NR U3
Item no.: NRU309
EAN: 4046929801089
Specifications: 230V AC, 1 CO pf 10A
On-delay 0.3s - 4min
Off-delay 6s -30min
Dimensions: 43 x 43 x 18.5 mm

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