Time-delay relay with adjustable switch-on delay

NR 3

The time-delay relay NR 3 is an electronic time-delay switch with a potential free relay output for delayed on/off switching of secondary loads. If required, the relay can be used as a pure on-delay with no off-delay. With these selectable modes and the wide range of selectable operating times, the NR 3 is extremely versatile in practical applications.


Also available as flush-mount device NR U3.



Automatic ventilation of windowless rooms, delayed on/off switching of a wide variety of loads, hotel room card contact etc.

Technical data

Type: NR 3
Item no.: NR3009
EAN: 4046929801096
Specifications: 230V AC, 1 CO pf 10A
On-delay 0.3s - 4min
Off-delay 6s -30min
Dimensions: 18 x 88(45) 58 mm

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