Wireless Universal Dimmer 230V AC (UP) with smarthome function, also for LED

FD3 U3

The FD3 U3 electronic universal pushbutton dimmer, with an extremely compact box installation housing, can dim virtually any type of lamp (LED, CFL, incandescent, LV halogen with electronic or wound transformer, HV halogen) that is suitable for forward or reverse phase control.
The correct dimming mode can be detected automatically, or it can be set manually to forward or reverse phase control. A special CFL dimming mode additionally provides an ignition and warm-up delay for compact fluorescent lamps (“energysaving lamps”).

The button input and the functions of the wireless transmitter buttons are individually programmable. This makes both individual control and group control possible in a very flexible manner (one or two button control, on/off switching with/without dimming function, etc.). In addition, brightness memory, slumber function or soft on/off function can be specified.

The compact dimensions of the FD3 U2 allow it be installed in electrical boxes behind a button switch from any desired product line, making it equally suitable for new installations as well as for maintenance-free replacement of existing or defective rotary or button dimmers.

In addition, the FD3 U3 has a function for setting a defined dimming level (0-100%). This allows convenient control via app/external gateways. Also, e.g. light scenes (for example Dimmer1 30%, Dimmer2 80%, ...), time control or control via internet are possible.

Also available as a simple version (without special programming functions): FD3 U2E
Interoperable with all transmitters of the FS3 series. Appropriate repeater: FV2 R.

Technical data FD3 U3

Type: FD3 U3
Item no.: FD3U39
EAN: 4046929101370
Specifications: 230V AC, 0-500VA, special programmable functions, Fx3smart function
Dimensions: 43 x 43 x 18.5mm

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