Sensor-controlled motor control (wind/light), 230V AC (rail-mount variant)


The SMS 2 is used together with the SW 4 wind sensor and the SL 2 light sensor for safe and convenient control of awnings or external blinds.
When the sun intensity is high, the awning is extended automatically, and retracted again when the brightness decreases (this automatic function can also be deactivated). If the wind speed is too high, the awning is retracted automatically.

The SMS 2 also has an integrated twilight function and a blind counter-bend.
Buttons for direct OPEN/CLOSE operation can be connected. The automatic shading system can be deactivated for a certain period of time by pressing an operating button for a longer period of time.
Wind monitoring always has priority, so system safety is guaranteed even in the event of incorrect operation.

Also available as flush-mounted variant SMS U2 (functionality differs).


Suitable accessories

Technical data

Type: SMS 2
Item no.: SMS209
EAN: 4046929401173
Specifications: 230V AC, 2 NO contacts 10A potential-free
Dimensions: 18 x 55 mm (rail-mount variant)

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