DC blind control with fan-out function, 12-24V DC


The DJS 6 (rail mounting version) electronic controller is a general-purpose DC motor controller for clockwise or anti-clockwise motor operation. It supports both one-button and two-button motor control.
The overriding auxiliary inputs allows several DJS 6 units to be grouped together in group control or central control configurations.
The motor run time can be limited to prevent motor overload due to mechanical jamming or other causes. A convenient and configurable automatic closing function ensures that skylights or other fixtures are not inadvertently left open. In louvre blind mode the louvres can be adjusted precisely or automatically returned to a defined angle after switch-off.
With the AF option (fan out), the blind slats are moved once OPEN and again CLOSED after a longer run time (>5s) (duration in each direction: 2s). This corrects any misalignment of individual slats that may occur with certain types of blinds.
Info: this motor control unit cannot be used as a higher-level group control unit because the corresponding operating modes are missing. For this purpose, use a DMS 5 or DMS U5 as group control unit.

Also available as flush-mount version DJS U6.

Due to the supply voltage tolerance of ±10%, a regulated power supply unit must be used - unregulated power supplies cause high voltage peaks, which can destroy the device!

Technical data

Type: DJS 6
Item no.: DJS60K
EAN: 4046929401203
Specifications: 12-24V DC, 2 NO 8A
Dimensions: 18 x 55 mm

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