DC blind controller 230V AC, for motors 12-24V DC (ext. supply)

DJS 6 (230V AC)

The DJS 6 (230V AC, rail-mounted device) is a universally applicable DC motor control unit for clockwise/anticlockwise rotation, e.g. for venetian blinds, external venetian blinds, privacy blinds, etc.

This variant is particularly suitable for system conversions from AC motors to DC motors, as existing 230V control lines can continue to be used.

The priority auxiliary inputs are suitable for combining several DJS modules to form group and central controls. The motor running time can be limited in time (e.g. in order not to overload the motor in case of mechanical blockage). Exact adjustment possibility of the lamellas in case of blind control (optionally automatically adjustable to a certain angle after switch-off). The SJ mode enables blinds to be operated in a motor-friendly manner for privacy protection tasks. Adjustable fan-out function to correct misalignment of individual slats. 230V AC (operating and control voltage), motor output 12-24V DC (external supply).

Additional functions:

  • single or dual pushbutton control
  • electronic push button interlock: therefore normal push buttons can be used
  • special blind operation modes: slats comfortably adjustable, privacy function, fan-out function
  • automatic closing function with adjustable time
  • motor protection by running time limitation

Info: this motor control unit cannot be used as a higher-level group control unit because the corresponding operating modes are missing. Use a UMS 5 or UMS U5 as group control unit.

Technical data

Type: DJS 6 (230V AC)
Item no.: DJS609
EAN: 4046929401210
Specifications: Control inputs + operating voltage: 230V AC
Outputs: 12-24V DC (external supply), 2 NO contacts 8A
Dimensions: 18 x 55 mm

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