Mains monitoring relay, RFM, fault mem., 3x230V/400V AC, 1 CO


The NKR 5 mains monitoring relay is used to monitor the phase voltages of one- up to three-phase networks. When used in a three-phase network, the phase position can also be monitored.
The switching threshold can be set freely from 150 to 230 V or to a defined fixed value of 196 V (DIN VDE 0107 or DIN VDE 0108).
The phase voltages and the direction of the rotating field are displayed on the NKR 5 via LEDs. A phase failure is optically stored by a flashing LED, so that the phase causing the fault can be determined even after a power recovery.
The relay switches on either automatically after power returns or only after acknowledgement (restart interlock). The error case can be simulated via the internal or an external push-button and the circuit can thus be tested.
Public buildings, rooms with public traffic, med. used rooms etc..

Technical data

Type: NKR 5
Item no.: NKR509
EAN: 4046929301046
Specifications: 230V AC, 1 W 16A
Uvar: 150-230V
Ufix: 196V
Dimensions: 18 x 55 mm

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