Current window measuring relay


The current window measuring relay IMR F1 is used for current monitoring of AC loads. The "I Low" and "I High" switching thresholds, which can be set independently of one another, monitor a precisely definable current window. If the consumer to be monitored leaves this set current range, the relay drops out after an adjustable response time has
The potential-free change-over contact can be used to switch on warning devices, for example, or the monitored consumer itself can be switched off directly. Input B1 can be used to trigger a switch-on pulse in order to put the affected consumer back into operation after it has been switched off.

The IW 32 current transformer available as an accessory extends the maximum possible measuring range from 16 A to 60 A.

Current monitoring of AC loads such as e.g. machines, drives, switchgear, etc.

Technical data

Type: IMR F1
Item no.: IMRF19
EAN: 4046929301022
Specifications: I-range: 230V AC, 20mA-16A,
1 CO 16A
Dimensions: 18 x 55 mm

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