Limit switch for wind 230V AC, 1 changeover 10A


The GSW 4 is a universally applicable limit switch for wind monitoring. In conjunction with the wind sensor SW 4, a wind force range of 2 - 8 can be measured.
The wind sensor is supplied potential-free by the GSW 4 (3.3V DC PELV), therefore no external power supply is required.
The potential-free change-over contact of the GSW 4 enables universal signalling to downstream control units.
The signalling of the wind sensor pulses via LED enables convenient installation.

We recommend the SMS U2 as a compact flush-mounted variant for wind evaluation.


SW 4

Wind sensor with joint holder

Technical data

Type: GSW 4
Item no.: GSW409
EAN: 4046929301374
Specifications: 230V AC, measuring range wind force: 2-8 Bft. (approx. 10-70km/h)
1 change-over contact 10A potential-free
Dimensions: 18 x 55 mm

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