Limit switch for light (shading/twilight) 230V AC, 1 changeover contact 10A (potential-free)


The GSL 2 is a universal limit switch for brightness monitoring.
With two separate setting ranges of 1-70 lux for twilight monitoring and 20000-100000 lux for shading monitoring, a wide variety of applications can be realised (control of shading systems, brightness-dependent roller shutter/blind control, simple light sensor evaluation of downstream controls such as PLCs, etc.). Due to 2 operating modes and an automatically generated reverse pulse, fast and simple integration in a large number of systems is guaranteed.

Technical data

Type: GSL 2
Item no.: GSL209
EAN: 4046929301381
Specifications: 230V AC
Shading: 20000-100000 Lux
Twilight: 1-70 Lux
Dimensions: 18 x 55 mm

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