Power-on surge limiter, 230V 16A


The EBN 2, or the compact flush-mounted version EBN U2, is used wherever very high power-on surge currents could damage relay contacts. Electronic ballast units, fluorescent lamps and similar loads can generate power-on surge currents of far more than 100A! The same applies to compensation capacitors. Connection of the EBN 2 / EBN U2 behind the relay contacts reduces the surge currents to values which will not damage the contacts.

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Einschaltstromverlauf bei kapazitiven Lasten
Einschaltstromverlauf bei kapazitiven Lasten
Anschlussbeispiel EBN 2
Anschlussbeispiel EBN 2

Technical details

Type: EBN 2
Item no.: EBN209
EAN: 4046929301183
Specifications: 230V AC, 1 NO contact 16A, tv=70ms
Dimensions: 18 x 55 mm

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