Touch dimmer control unit DALI (230V AC, flush-mounting) with integrated power supply unit


Compact, easy-to-install DALI-2 certified control unit with integrated power supply for converting push-button commands into DALI protocols (broadcast mode). Short key = ON/OFF, longer key = UP/DOWN. Suitable for lamps with dimmable DALI ballast.

General information
Suitable DALI lamps can be easily dimmed with the push-button dimmer control unit.
The settings for soft on/off, minimum brightness and start brightness make programming superfluous. The behaviour after mains interruption can be set ("OFF" or "ON with start brightness").
Thanks to the compact housing dimensions, the TDS U1 DALI can be mounted directly in the installation boxes behind a push-button of any switch range.

How it works
Short push-buttons at input Z1 (potential-free) or B1 (230V AC) switch the lighting on or off, long push-buttons dim the lighting up or down. The dimming direction changes automatically with each long press of the button.

Special features

  • DALI-2 certified single master control unit
  • dims suitable DALI control gear
  • Integrated DALI power supply (max. 70mA) for up to 35 DALI control gear units
  • can be used independently of the switch range
  • for broadcast operation (central telegram)
  • no DALI programming device required

Technical data

Item no.: TDSU1D9
EAN: 4046929201131
Specifications: 230V AC, DALI-2 single-master, integrated power supply unit
Dimensions: 43 x 43 x 18.5mm

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