Universal push-button dimmer, also for LED/CFL


The ETD U2 (for flush-mounted installation) and ETD 2E (for Click-mount on standard 35-mm rail) universal pushbutton dimmers can dim a wide variety of lamps (LED, CFL, incandescent, LV halogen with electronic or wound transformer, HV halogen). Along with automatic detection of wound transformers in Auto dimming mode, the dimming mode can be set manually to forward or reverse phase control if necessary (especially for lamps with electronic ballasts or electronic transformers). A special CFL dimming mode additionally provides an ignition and warm-up delay for compact fluorescent lamps.

Also available as flush-mount version ETD U2.

Technische Daten

Type: ETD 2E
Item no.: ETD2E9
EAN: 4046929201117
Specifications: 230V AC 50Hz
Up to 500VA load
Dimensions: 18 x 55mm

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