Why does the receiver not switch reliably?

This problem arises when a built-in transmitter is not operated momentarily, but is instead forced to transmit continuously through activation via switches. Under these conditions, the receiver must briefly switch off following every randomly occurring interference in the radio link.
For this reason, radio transmitters should always be operated with momentary contact (if possible).
The receiver will hold the switched state and consequently remain durably switched on until it is specifically ordered to switch off by another (momentary) radio command. This also ensures that other radio systems are no longer disturbed by permanent blockage of the radio link.
However, if the transmitter must be activated via a twilight switch, movement detector or similar device, the use of variable intermittent transmission is recommended in combination with the transmitter FS3 U4.
On the receiver side, the breaks in transmission due to intermittent operation can simply be bridged by means of an adjustable reset time.
Refer also to our useful radio tips and the FS3 U4 data sheet.

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