Why does the NFA switch on and off permanently (chopping)?

permanent switching on and off (the so-called chopping) of the NFA is in the very most cases due to attached consumers, which are - also in the switched off condition - not completely switched off and therefore likewise disconnetced from the net (standby mode). Plug power supplies, devices with standby mode, clock radios etc. are therefore not usable in connection with a mains-field disconnector. As a workaround you can only disconnect this electrical consumer completely from the net (e.g. by attachment of a power switch in the supply-line or by an switchable plug socket). In addition, an inaccurately installed basic load adaptor can cause chopping. You can find the correct installation instructions for this basic load adaptor in our application examples.
NOTE: The basic load adaptor is never attached directly to the output of the NFA, since this leads to chopping of the NFA, due to constant load with PTC characteristic.

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