How is the NFA set correctly?

In almost all cases, the NFA can be operated without difficulty with the following basic setting:
Set the switch-on threshold (Ion control) and holding threshold (Ihold control) to the "10 o'clock" position.
If very small loads are connected, it may be necessary to increase the sensitivity of both the holding threshold and the switch-on threshold (i.e. turn the controls further to the left). The sensitivity of the NFA is optimally set when the Hold-LED just begins to light up with the lowest load to be operated.
However, it is advisable not to increase the sensitivity further, otherwise the NFA may remain permanently on.
If there are also several push-button dimmers, glow lamps or other capacitive loads installed in the circuit, the sensitivity of the switch-on threshold may have to be reduced (turn the Ion control to the right) in order to prevent undesirable activation or switching.

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