How can dimmers be connected to the NFA?

Only dimmers suitable for use with a mains-field disconnector (NFA) can be used here. In the case of dimmers with rotary or two-way switch, this is clearly evident from the additional terminal (direct tapping of the switch root). A basic-load of type GK 5 or GW 6 can be connected to this terminal.
This connected basic-load is then used as a closing aid, otherwise the dimmer electronics as such would prevent any quantifiable current flow building up with the very low 2.5 V DC monitoring voltage of the NFA.

Push-button dimmers normally do not have a suitable connection for a basic-load. Moreover, such dimmers would lose the last brightness value set whenever the power is switched off by the NFA and are therefore unsuitable for use with NFA or can only be used to a very limited extent.

We therefore recommend that our Universal push-button dimmer ETD U1 be used. This extremely compact 500 W dimmer in flush-mounting box (43x43x18mm) can be combined with every standard push-button and is installed with the latter in the switch box or a tapping box. This solution is therefore completely independent of the switch range used and can be integrated into any system without difficulty.
A basic-load integrated into the ETD U1 and a non-volatile brightness memory make this dimmer totally suitable for use with the mains-field disconnector (NFA). Refer also to the NFA data sheet and the ETD U1 data sheet.

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