How are twilight switches, wind monitors, etc. connected to the UMS 5?

Twilight switches, wind monitors and other automatic contact mechanisms can be connected to the UMS 5 central control via both the electronic extensions and the local inputs.
They are connected via the electronic extension units if activation is to take priority for safety reasons (e.g. wind monitors) and the system is to be disabled to prevent accidental operating errors.
If the electronic extension units are activated simultaneously (e.g. timer and wind monitor simultaneously make contact for opposing directions of movement), the NA input will always have absolute priority.
The local inputs of the central control are used for highly convenient control via twilight switches, timers, etc. In this way, the system can still be operated via the respective local buttons.
Our limit monitors (GSW 2 and GSW U2 for wind, GSD 2 for twilight and GSB 2 for shading) can be ideally combined with the UMS 5 in many different ways.

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