Energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, Tronic transformers and ECG devices – which points must be noted?

These consumers can only be operated with the full 230 V mains voltage which, however, is no longer present on account of the "net-free" circuit-breaker. Activation of such a consumer therefore normally cannot be directly detected by the NFA.
In this case, the situation can be remedied by connecting a base load of type GK 5 or GW 6 in parallel with the consumer.
The base load will then ensure that there is sufficient making current. This ensures restoration of the supply and the corresponding consumer can resume its normal operation.
Wiring examples and further information on the base load can be found in the NFA data sheets.
NOTE: The base load is never connected directly to the NFA output, otherwise the NFA will invariably start switching with PTC characteristic on account of the continuous load applied (i.e. it will switch on and off continuously and uncontrollably).

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